Hi, I'm Ben

I'm a developer from Germany, located in Manchester UK.

I work for Patchwork Health on their mobile apps which make it possible for doctors around the UK to find and book shifts in different organisations. But I also enjoy building new things with different kinds of technologies.

About myself

1 Feb 2013

Bueromoebel-Experte GmbH & Co. KG

Started to work at Bueromoebel-Experte GmbH & Co. KG as a Webdeveloper for there Magento online-shops.

1 Oct 2013

BA Dresden

Started to study media informatics at the BA Dresden, with Bueromoebel-Experte as partner for the practical parts.

5 Jun 2015

Mentor at 'Jugend Hackt Ost'

Was a mentor at 'Jugend Hackt Ost'. This is a hackaton over 3 days for programming interested kids.

1 Jul 2016

ATV Volkmarsdorf

Build a new website with custom CMS for the sports club ATV Volkmarsdorf.

6 Sep 2016

Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics

Get the Bachelor of Science in media informatics.

1 Nov 2016


Worked as a Junior Web Developer for DiffBlue. For the web frontend of their automated test generation software.

20 Nov 2017


Started to work as a Web Developer for Cheshire Datasystems Limited. To help build powerful tools that help their customers succeed.

4 Mar 2019

Patchwork Health

Work for Patchwork on their mobile app that makes it possible for doctors around the UK to find and book shifts across different organisations.




DiffBlue is a world leader in AI that understands code. Our goal is to automate all traditional coding tasks: bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one language to another, and creating original code to fit specifications. As we progress we are commercialising our blue sky research into a suite of products. Our vision is to make our products ubiquitous, and to make code safer and better and cheaper to produce. My field of work for DiffBlue is most of the time their front-end, where we use React and Angular. But for their webpage we used the static website builder Jekyll.

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